Year 12

12A – Religions of the World

Buddhism, Confuciusm, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Pantheism. more»

12B – Justice and Peace

The Catholic Church’s solidarity with the contemporary world is expressed largely through its social teaching, the body of principles, guidelines and statements that have over time developed within the Church. more»

12C – The Church’s Story: The Modern Age

Exploring the Church’s life and work from approximately 1750 to the advent of the Second Vatican Council (1962 -1965). more»

12F – Christian Morality and Moral Development

Exploring what Christian morality is and examing moral issues in the light of Catholic teaching. more»

12D – Loss, Grief, Death and Dying

includes consideration of grief, grief outreach, dying, Catholic belief and practice, social issues, pain management. These are just some of the issues surrounding this topic. more»

12E – Biblical Studies

Throughout the ages, the Church has always regarded the Bible as a unique meeting place between God and people, an unfailing source of nourishment and strength for believers. more»

12G – Christian Art, Music and Architecture

Throughout the centuries people have expressed Christian faith and practice through art, architecture and music. more»

12H – Commitment and Ministry

Vocations comes from the latin vocare -to call. All Christians are called to follow Christ and to become signs and witness to the reign of God in the world. more»