Thematic Resources

Welcome to the thematic area of Faith Central. The resources below have been put together to support young people, their families and parishes to delve a little deeper into particular themes in response to requests from the New Zealand Catholic Bishops or schools. If you have resources of your own on particular themes please contact NCRS and we will be in touch.

  1. Human Sexuality

    NCRS has produced a framing document to support the teaching of human sexuality education in Aotearoa.

    He Anga Whakamārama – Te Mātauranga Hōkakatanga: He puka ārahi mā ngā hapori Katorika o Aotearoa
    Framing Document – Human Sexuality Education: A guide for Catholic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand

    This document is endorsed by the NZ Catholic Bishops Conference, and is the result of considerable dialogue and research. We believe it will be particularly useful to schools, and useful to all involved in this important area of education.

  2. Catholic Social Teaching

    It is sometimes said that Catholic Social Teaching is the best kept secret of the church, but how we treat others and what we do or don’t do regarding justice is an essential part ( action! ) of our faith.  The best place for up to date and New Zealand specific material is Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

    Overview clips

    • Social Teaching (7.11 mins) Catholic Central – outlines 7 teachings
    • CST (3 mins) quick fire non-narrated outline written for students Trocaire
    • Catholic Social Teaching: called to charity and justice (10 mins) Breaking in the Habit Catholic social teaching is about not only doing charity when things go bad, but trying to prevent the injustice in the first place.
    • The Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching (5 mins) – breaks down the teachings Meegan

    Catholic Social Teachings Aotearoa

    Background of Catholic Social Teaching

    Written Resources and Websites:

    Lesson Plan Ideas and Learning Activities:

    Putting CST into Action:

  3. Encountering the Divine

    This is a wonderful project that was begun in 2017. In the spirit of Pope Francis asking us to share the Joy of the Gospel, those associated with The Catholic Institute (TCI) were asked to share a personal encounter with God. “Encountering the Divine” is the result thus far. It is a collection of simple yet powerful stories of meeting God in everyday life.

    Contributors have bravely and generously given their permission for their reflection to be used with students, teachers and whānau – lessons, meetings, retreats, personal reflection etc.

    And… we are also inviting others to contribute. We would love this to grow. If you choose to join the journey:

    • The story needs to be focused on a personal experience, or observation, of “God’s presence” or “Encounter with Jesus”
      • It must be experiential (An account of real events and actual personal impact – with names changed as appropriate.)
    • It needs to be quite short. (200 – 400 words)
    • The aim is for it to be very accessible. Non-academic (No overly BIG words, lists of references, or theological treatises.)
    • The director NCRS will be the editor – and will co-opt support as needed. (Nothing will be changed without the authors permission – publication is at the discretion of the editor.)
    • The story will be shared. (And, we’re doing this for love not $)
    • Submit to Colin MacLeod (Director NCRS)
  4. Promoting Interfaith Relations

    The NZ Catholic Bishops Committee for Interfaith Relations has released a revised booklet to support promoting interfaith relations. Hard copies have been sent to all Catholic secondary Schools to support their Year 12 World Religions unit and copies will also be available in dioceses and parishes after Easter in 2019.

  5. Laudato Si’ – Care for our Common Home

    In 2015 Pope Francis wrote an amazing letter to the world – Laudato Si’ – challenging us to face up to the harm we are doing to our Earth and to our responsibility of being better stewards of God’s creation. Here are some resources and links to help parishes and schools better engage with this letter.

    Please, First Read the introduction information to these resources. (NB. The competition has now closed.)
    (Feedback welcome.)

    PowerPoint Resources:

    Video Clips:



    Gleanings from the Web:

  6. 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

    The reformation was a time of conflict and challenge. 500 years on there is still healing and hurt between Christians and it is good for Catholics to acknowledge this anniversary and revisit some of the history. Therefore, a range of materials are provided below for primary, secondary, parish and other individuals to support knowledge, prayer and reflection (it’s FaithCentral’s first venture beyond just secondary – feedback welcome):

    Please, First Read the introduction information to these resources, which includes details about our wee COMPETITION!

    A prayer service to commemorate the reformation on the 31st of October.

    Four PowerPoint resources:

    A range of activities:

    A range of Video links:

    Background information:

  7. Suzanne Aubert

    Great information on the national and Home of Compassion sites. (Including a pdf version of the Suzanne Aubert booklet.)
    A set of activities for years 9 & 10.
    Check out a range of clips about Suzanne on the Aotearoa Catholic YouTube channel.